The Play Street Museum – McKinney TX is a great place to visit with your children because it provides hands-on learning experiences for them.   The museum, which used to be the historic McKinney Cotton Oil Mill, was turned into a kid’s wonderland that encourages children to try their hand at different activities.  From the beginning of the museum’s history, adult supervision is not required.

The Play Street Museum – McKinney opened its doors in the summer of 2002.  It was created by a group of parents and teachers who wanted to provide an educational museum for children that would be both fun and educational at the same time.

When they started their journey to develop a new museum, the members of the Play Street Museum – McKinney’s board went through a fairly long process.  They had to get permission from the city council of McKinney and they also needed to get approval from citizens of McKinney for their ideas.

They did extensive research of existing children’s museums to learn what would work well in their new museum.  Once they had all of this information, they were able to design the facility that makes up the Play Street Museum – McKinney.

The facility has four floors that are filled with activities for children.  There is a play street on each level, where children can pretend to be adults doing different jobs around the city.  The children get to explore different types of stores and each store has activities that are related to its nature.

There is also an art studio, a theater for puppet shows, and a section where the kids can dress up in costumes.    A large garage area on one floor of the museum allows children to pretend they are working on different types of cars.

This area also contains a sound lab, where children can learn about sound waves and how sounds are made.    The fourth floor is all about nature and science activities.

All four floors allow the concept of free play, which means that there aren’t any set activities for children to do.  The children can explore and discover new things on their own.

The Play Street Museum – McKinney also hosts different play days where families and friends can come and participate in certain activities.  This allows kids who visit the museum multiple times to have a different experience every time they go!